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Forma & FormaPLUS
Minimally Invasive Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) Surgical Results Without the Scars.


BodyTite provides doctors with a tool to perform arm lifts without excisions, breast lifts without the lollipop scar and contour areas of non-adherence with results previously only achieved through more extensive surgical procedures.


Acquire: Forma has a temperature sensor built into the hand piece which reads skin surface temperature 1000 times per second, allowing clinicians to acquire skin temperature in real time. 

Control: Software algorithm allows unprecedented safety of RF delivery. The “cut off temperature" feature reduces RF energy automatically when the hand piece senses that the required skin temperature has been reached. 

Extend: Clinical evidence suggests prolonged exposure to temperature above 40°C is advantageous for optimal clinical outcomes. Only InMode's A.C.E. technology allows you to utilize therapeutic temperatures safely and efficiently.

  • RF Output Frequency: Up to 65 W 

  • Output Frequency: 1 MHz 

  • Temperature Cut-Off: Real time temperature measurements set by operator up to 43°C

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How Bodytite works

Technical Specification:

Cannula Length: 17 cm 

Cannula Diameter: 2.2 mm 

Depth of Treatment: Up to 50 mm (2”) 

Internal Temperature: Operator adjustable between 50°C - 70°C 

External Temperature: Operator adjustable up to 42°C 

Output Temperature: 1 MHz+

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